CSIAA SUMMER ACADEMY 2009 - Architecture as a border line

Castle of Proceno, Italy. September 2009

CSIAA launched the First Edition of Summer Academy, planned this year in the period 1 to 13 of September as a residential event in the Castle of Proceno, Italy. The Academy was intended as a think tank leaded by CSIAA members, working on the topic "Architecture as a border line". Location of CSIAA Summer Academy was in the Castle, an ancient fortress between Latium and Tuscany and in the old Papal customs of Centeno. Aim of the Academy was experimenting this unique cultural landscape at the border of the Etruscan territory towards the countryside south of Siena, meanwhile discussing on the general contemporary issue of architecture intended as separation and reconnection of physical and theoretical contexts different for nature and meaning. A selected group of discussants was been hosted in the resort of the Castle, attending two daily working sessions in order to collect writings and sketches, soon to be published in a book edited by CSIAA.